Resources » Trek Kids: Specialty Product Company Labels Transform from Inconsistent to Incredible

Trek Kids: Specialty Product Company Labels Transform from Inconsistent to Incredible

Trek Kids

Resource Label Group assisted Lemongrass Farms with issues plaguing their decorated shrink sleeves for Trek Kids, the brand’s all-natural, child-friendly bug spray.

The problem: Shrink sleeves with inconsistent lengths, poor-quality color matching and embellishments that failed to impress.

The solution: Resource Label Group worked with Lemongrass Farms to standardize their sleeves’ cut lengths and identify a printing method that would allow precise color matching and deliver the premium tactile feel they wanted.

The Need for Greater Consistency

Lemongrass Farms needed greater consistency in the height of the shrink sleeve cut lengths. They had already purchased equipment to use rolls instead of precut sleeves, but they wouldn’t be ready in time for their next batch.

Lemongrass asked Resource Label Group to bridge the gap. The label partner was able to identify the culprit and perform size testing to dial in the measurements, guaranteeing uniform cut lengths that covered every bottle.

Together, Lemongrass and Resource Label Group decided that flexographic printing would provide greater color-matching accuracy. They converted the art to Pantone and used a four-color process. The switch to flexographic printing also helped to correct an issue with a tactile varnish that didn’t feel quite right.

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