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Make your private labels stand out with premium packaging

Private Label Premium Packaging

Private labels, or store brands, used to be viewed as a more affordable, but lesser, choice for customers looking for name-brand alternatives. Recent years, however, have seen a major shift in consumer shopping habits.

Private label products are now viewed through the lens of quality and competitive positions. If you’re going to push a private label initiative, you’re going to need to stand out on the shelves.   

Packaging is vital for successful private label branding

Private labels need to be presented in a way that’s attention-grabbing and resonates with specific socio-economic and cultural demographics.

As stated in NielsenIQ, “The rise of higher-end store brand products has come hand-in-hand with consumers’ inclination to spend more on store brands. The premiumization of private label really comes to life when we look at products by price tier.”

Consumers used to buy generic goods to save money, but today many of these products are now viewed as high quality due to better packaging. This dramatic shift stems from retailers looking to get more competitive in the market.

Private-label brands used to model their labels and packaging around copying the national brand. “Consumers were reassured with the packaging similarities, showing that a certain product is as good as the national one because the packaging is the same,” says Packaging Strategies Magazine.

Imitation is no longer imperative, however, as private-label brands now seek a recognizable presence to stand out on both shelves and on e-commerce platforms. Strong packaging is an absolute necessity if customers are seeing the product for the first time on a screen.

Labeling and packaging are critical to deliver consumer-centric experiences in the private label space.

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