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Ensure your labels are compliant with help from our UL label experts

Since the late 1800s, companies have gone to UL to get their products inspected for fire and electrical safety. You certainly wouldn’t want to buy a product that shocks you every time it gets plugged in. That’s why manufacturers send their devices to UL to get inspected and certified.

UL’s inspections for electrical and fire safety include an examination of the labels that are placed onto the product. The labels we create for devices that need UL inspection must be provided to UL for certification to ensure they don’t pose a fire or electrical safety risk. Every subcomponent of the product must be tested and certified.

When a customer launches a new product that needs to go through UL certification, they first must submit the label drawing and artwork to UL for approval. UL no longer allows the label manufacturer to submit the drawing and artwork to them on the customer’s behalf. If the label requirement involves a new material or if the overall construction has not been previously been submitted and recognized by UL, the label manufacturer may need to submit a printed sample to UL as well. The key component to remember is there is a difference between material that is UL recognized and a printing process that is UL recognized. Both must be approved and certified, luckily for us, once they are certified, we can use them at will.

What are the benefits of working with Resource Label Group for UL labels?

The key benefit to working with us is our knowledge of the UL inspection process and how labels play a factor. Before we can do any work on your label, your company must submit your label design to UL for approval. UL dictates the label must adhere to their standards.

Once it’s all been approved, the artwork and letter of approval can be sent to us for printing and construction. We can’t do anything for the customer until we have the approval letter from UL.

With the approval, we start discussing with your team the ideal materials and construction that will bring your label to life. Our knowledge of materials and constructions enable us to keep your team completely informed to make best decisions in addition to making the manufacturing process quicker and more cost effective.

Printing options

We know which materials have been approved by UL that can be used for the label and have UL approval for more than 30 different constructions. It takes seven to eight weeks and thousands of dollars to get a new construction tested. Luckily, over the years we’ve compiled quite the collection of constructions, saving you time and money. With these approvals already on hand, we can construct labels for your application the moment you’ve provided the UL letter of approval for your artwork.

The most important thing is understanding what materials will not only meet UL standards but also the product requirements. Selecting those materials and understanding how they relate is vital and something many manufacturers don’t have a clear understanding of. It’s one thing to get a label approved through UL, but the label still needs to function properly and last on the application as it’s intended.

We have had a working relationship with UL since the 1960s in addition to the strong relationships with our suppliers. Resource Label Group is able to use our strength in supply chains to benefit your labels.

How we can help you

Novice label manufacturers will make the mistake by saying they are a UL approved facility, but that is inherently wrong as no label house that can say we are a UL approved facility. UL audits products, they do not audit facilities. Our understanding of this helps ensure your labels are compliant with UL’s standards.

Resource Label Group is an expert in UL labels and their approval process. We can give a pre-check rundown for your label drawings to give you an idea if your label artwork will likely be approved or not. Once approved, we walk you through every step of the process and help you make informed decisions on the construction and implementation of your label to achieve best performance and cost-effective results.

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