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Label compliance

Product labels across a broad range of industries are subject to regulatory requirements. Some fairly straightforward. Some highly complex. All subject to change.

What is label compliance?

Label compliance is the process of ensuring that a product label meets all pertinent regulatory requirements. But it extends beyond government regulation and into industry standards.

While compliance ultimately rests with you, the brand owner, the label experts at Resource Label Group will help see your compliant design through to completion. With vast experience developing label solutions, we can create labels for even the most complex applications.

Meeting label compliance regulations

There’s a spread of regulatory bodies that oversee many different product categories. The FDA regulates food, beverage, pharmaceutical products and more. And chemicals are subject to EPA regulations and OSHA requirements. As a result, many bodies dictate what makes an acceptable label. And the standards are changing. With the federal government readying for new food labels, the nutrition information that must go on products will change. And the requirements for chemical labels are changing from the Hazard Communication System (HCS) to the Globally Harmonized System (GHS).

We understand the challenges associated with satisfying regulatory bodies and have an experienced, knowledgeable team that’s worked with companies in dozens of industries to meet every requirement. 

Complete label compliance printing

We have an experienced team on staff and have printed many thousands of labels in line with regulatory requirements. Whether it’s including the right nutrition information to meet FDA compliance, placing EPA-required guidelines on your product or meeting the highest GHS labeling standards, we’re set up to print for any standard. And we’ll print to the highest principles of ethical labels.

For decades, we’ve helped brands in regulated industries procure beautiful, compliant labels. We’re there with you from the time we help you estimate your order to the moment you receive your labels. Every decision in the design, material selection and printing process takes label compliance into account.

Capabilities to deliver compliant labels that look great

Not only do we have a team cognizant of label compliance, we have the capabilities to print a compliant label that looks great. We can use Extended Content Labels (ECL) to include regulatory information while maximizing your label space. And we can integrate a complete range of visual effects with on-press techniques like foil stamping, embossing, screen printing and more.