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Simplifying complexity and minimizing SKUs

Beard care product labels

We assisted a leading manufacturer of copper electrical building wire and cable for the commercial and retail construction markets. Their retail wire division sells to large retail outlets across the U.S. For more than 90 years, our client has developed recognition and trust by launching innovative products and providing dedicated service.

The challenge

Our client’s products are wound on spools, shrink-wrapped and labeled. Before working with Resource Label Group, they sourced label wraps through a print broker who managed in-house inventory and performed a weekly check. With more than 250 different configurations — each requiring its own unique packaging — our client faced a major supply chain challenge. They had more than 70 SKUs over three sizes, and all had to carry a UL listed number supplied by the printer. The complexity of the printing process meant our client had untenably long lead-times when new UL numbers were needed. With numerous product variations, they had multiple color schemes around their wires, causing branding inconsistency. Their products became obsolete too quickly. They needed a quality, UL Certified printer who could simplify their packaging. After preliminary meetings in spring, they asked us to take on their label challenge.

Finding a solution and delivering results

Our experienced design team and printing experts coordinated with our client to devise a solution. We established a color standard for all wire products and created a custom thermal transfer printing solution that addressed all of their main concerns. Using our color-coding system, we allowed our client to easily print exactly what they needed. We condensed 70 SKUs down to 21 SKUs by creating flexographic printed shells and supplied them with two new thermal transfer printers to use in conjunction with the shells. All three main concerns were addressed, as the shells did not require a UL number. We established a Pantone® color standard for all items, and we eliminated obsolescence with the shells. We solved the many complexities our client faced. Let us do the same for you.

Solve your biggest labeling headaches

If you’re looking for smart solutions to the many complexities of label design, printing and labeling, we can help. Our experienced team is here to guide you through the label design and printing process from start to finish. For smart label solutions, request a consultation or call us at 1-888-526-8177.

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