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Unlocking design potential with shrink sleeves

Shrink Sleeve Design

Shrink sleeves are more than just a protective layer; they’re a canvas for creativity. Contrary to the belief that plastic sleeves might downplay a product’s premium appeal, shrink sleeves offer an array of design possibilities.

How can you choose the right sleeve material and other design factors to optimize the look of your product and label? Read “Shrink Sleeves Demystified: A Guide to Enhancing Product Packaging” to find out where to place shrink sleeves for maximum effectiveness without sacrificing a premium look.

From varnishes to cold foil: Shrink sleeve design possibilities

Sleeve application is both an art and a skill.

Brands can deploy varnishes, from soft-touch to sandpaper, to create a tactile experience. If a metallic sheen is what you’re after, cold foil can emulate this effect splendidly. Moreover, techniques like doming offer tactile shapes, adding another layer of intricacy to the design.

At the same time, design of your shrink label is not solely about appearance. The placement is crucial. With expert guidance, brands can strategically position embellishments for maximum impact. In areas with low shrinkage, such as below the neck of wine bottles, these embellishments shine the brightest.

The sooner you bring a label partner into the shrink sleeve development process for your products, the more value they can provide anticipating potential problems down the road.

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For those who believe in the adage, “packaging sells the product,” shrink sleeves offer a design playground that merges form with function. Read Resource Label Group’s “Shrink Sleeves Demystified: A Guide to Enhancing Product Packaging” for a deep dive into Resource Label Group’s shrink sleeve design and creation process, which begins with a 3D scan of all parts of your container.

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