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Designing a seamlessly integrated IRC label

One of our best long-term clients is an advisory firm specializing in project management and procurement for marketing campaigns. When managing a promotion for a well-known personal care brand’s product, they once again came to Resource Label Group. This time, for both custom promotional label design and printing.

The challenge

The personal care brand, enlisting the help of our promotion management client, wanted to run an on-package promotion using an Instant Redeemable Coupon (IRC). Consistently a top performer for many brands, IRCs are attached to in-store products. The challenge? Most brands want as little graphic disruption as possible, and the product came in a small tube with limited design real estate. Our client asked us to engineer and print an IRC label that keeps the existing space visible and serves as a seamless extension of the product packaging.

Finding a solution and delivering results

Due to the special nature of the challenge, we designed and printed a custom label solution that used a tombstone shaped tube flag. Instead of taking the well-worn approach and placing the IRC on the tube’s backing, we increased the product’s visual height by adding the IRC to the top. What is normally an underused area of the product became a billboard that not only served a functional purpose but also seamlessly accented the product design. The end result was an IRC label that differentiated the product on store shelves and supported our client’s promotional strategy, without compromising the established brand image.

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