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Mosaic printing at Gintzler International

HP SmartStream Designer is a powerful, variable data printing (VDP) tool enabling users of HP Indigo digital presses to create sophisticated high-value jobs and personalized campaigns.  More specifically, HP Mosaic is a variable design technology software enabling one-of-a-kind, memorable customer experiences.

Using a patent-pending algorithm, HP Mosaic handles all the processing and can automatically turn a base pattern into an exponential variety of unique designs that maintains the integrity of the original theme.  This dynamic personalization application and random image generator combines, scales, transposes and rotates high-resolution base design patterns to create limitless unique variations.

With HP Mosaic, brand managers can:

  • Customize designs to fit a targeted audience or retailer
  • Create eye-catching variation on the shelf
  • Produce mass customization and personalized campaigns
  • Introduce collectable items each with its own customized element (such as graphics, images, colors or text)
  • Make each purchased item “special” to the consumer
  • Tailor the graphics or text on each package to a specific region
  • Enable unique, engaging experiences for clients

Gintzler International’s HP Mosaic technology is ideal for any industry looking to make their mark with consumers – including, but not limited to, health and beauty, gourmet food and beverage and consumer goods.

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