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HP Indigo Secure

Gintzler International’s use of HP Indigo Secure makes it possible to stay ahead of counterfeiters with adaptive security features that provide multi-layer digital protection on one press, in one pass.

Unlike conventional security solutions, HP Indigo Secure is a set of solutions which includes hardware, software, inks, and substrates.  These solutions apply multiple layers of security elements with the power of variable data and serialization:

  • Overt solutions include variable security features that allow individuals to inspect packaging without specialized tools, such as holograms and color-shift ink.
  • Semi-covert solutions incorporate visible security features that need an additional device to authenticate it, such as a QR code or microtext.
  • Covert solutions consist of high-security features embedded into labels and flexible packaging that are invisible to the human eye, such as taggants and invisible inks that require purpose-built authenticators or inspectors for identification.
  • Forensic solutions involve the highest level of protection – security features that are detectable only in a laboratory, with their exact nature held secret for security reasons.  These are validated by an authentication inspector.

On this month’s calendar, we are featuring microtext.  Microtext involves printing text that is so small it is unreadable with the naked eye, only visible under magnification.  Characters can be inserted into overt images, text, and other design elements without the consumer being aware of them. Counterfeiters do not have the capability to reproduce microtext and will simply copy the visible elements.  However, a handheld magnifying glass can tell an examiner whether a product is authentic.

Using multiple serialization tools, HP Indigo Secure provides additional preventative layers that make it easier to catch counterfeiters and protect product authenticity.  Contact Gintzler International today for more information on how we can support your security strategy through tailor-made security solutions.  Email

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