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HP Collage from Gintzler International

HP SmartStream Designer is a powerful, variable data printing (VDP) tool enabling users of HP Indigo digital presses to create sophisticated high-value jobs and personalized campaigns. Similar to HP Mosaic, HP Collage can create large numbers of unique items, each with one-of-a-kind artwork. With HP Collage, however, users begin the creating process by defining the basic components that will be part of each and every variation. These components can include images, text, or logos, which are then combined according to individual rules set by the user.  Users can control variables such as repetition, rotation, and size, as well as the overlap and overall scattering of the elements. Algorithms then create random combinations of these specified design elements to create large numbers of unique designs for unprecedented packaging impact. 

Simply put, users provide basic elements; and HP Collage creates virtually unlimited variations on a centrally designed theme.  Each variation remains unique, yet are tied to the same “family.” This flexibility allows brands to retain control over their visual identity and assure brand integrity while maximizing creative freedom. 

Gintzler International’s HP Collage technology is ideal for any industry looking to make their mark with consumers – including, but not limited to, health and beauty, gourmet food and beverage and consumer goods.  Contact Gintzler for more information!

HP collage options from Gintzler International

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