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Video: Getting your shrink sleeves right

For 360-branding, it’s tough to top a shrink sleeve. But these are also one of the most complicated products in the packaging and labeling industry, and getting it right requires an expert touch.

According to Robert Willmore, the general manager at our Litho Flexo Grafics location in Salt Lake City, you’ll achieve the best result by collaborating with a label partner committed to guiding brands through a careful quality control process. This includes:

  • Digital pre-press
  • Quality control checks
  • Expert guidance from start to finish

The value of pre-press

Ideally, your label partner can show you what your label will look like before printing ever starts. In the Resource Label Group network, we start with your artwork. Using EASESENTIALSTM tools like ARTWORKSTM, you can see a digital example of what your finished product will look like on the shelf. Next, we guide customers through material options and more.

Proofing for perfection

The most valuable characteristic of shrink sleeve labels are also the Achilles heel — they’re designed to shrink. This is good because it morphs to fit even the most highly contoured containers. But increased morphing also means increased distortion. Previews are crucial because they show you how much pre-distortion you should account for to achieve your desired outcome.

At the press, we examine sample runs for color accuracy, flaws, ink adherence and seam strength. And when summer temperatures spike, your order arrives in insulated boxes to protect against shrinkage during shipping. 

Shrink sleeves, done right

With Resource Label Group, you don’t just get a printer who manufactures and ships your shrink sleeves. We work with you to achieve a sleeve that looks exactly as you envisioned — or better. From complimentary consultations to press checks to mitigate pricy errors, this collaborative guidance is always included in our service package and not aion costly add-on.

Our team of shrink sleeve experts is always ready to facilitate the label that works for your brand.

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