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Cold Foil and Tactile Varnish

One of the most effective ways to attract customer attention is with a high-visibility enhancement like foil.  With a dazzling range of sparkle and shine, holographic foils add visual impact to any design.  From subtle glitter effects to dramatic shapes and styles, the plethora of patterns available create a prismatic dimension of depth and space on a variety of substrates, helping any brand or product step into the spotlight.

Coatings also play a vital role in the modern production of packaging and printing, offering both functional and fun qualities.  They protect the printed image and ensure trouble-free processing.  They provide high-end finishing characteristics and may add valuable properties to the package, such as barrier effects or heat-resistance.  They can add depth, dimensionality, and texture and can transform the consumer purchasing experience by appealing to multiple senses.

Over the years, innovations in specialty coatings have been developed which can help designers give tangible, tactile properties to their printed pieces.  These specialty effect coatings continue to gain popularity as brand owners attempt to distinguish their products from others on store shelves.

Gintzler International can provide innovative packaging solutions that incorporate various effects and coatings for all market applications.  Contact a Gintzler Sales Consultant today at for assistance in adding distinction to your next packaging project.

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