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Premiumization provides the potential for innovation

Luxury Items

How can you entice customers at a time when overall attitudes have been to tighten their belts? Businesses have had to get creative with their products.

One way to stand out on the shelves is through the premiumization of packaging and labeling to elevate products into luxury items! Let Resource Label Group re-energize your brand with innovative, high-quality, affordable labeling.

Thinking outside the box

Premiumization in labeling and packaging is an area in which product developers can shine and think outside the box in many ways, including:

  • Artistry and creativity – Design and color theory can make labels eye-catching and foreground prestige, quality and class.
  • Exclusivity – Brands have the opportunity to highlight their product’s unique look compared to competitors. “The idea that everyday products can have a special and exclusive look through their packaging creates a consumer experience that imparts luxury and quality without compromising consumer wallets,” says Food Manufacturing Magazine.
  • Sustainability – Labels can bring awareness of how eco-friendly the product’s ingredients are as well as the packaging itself.

As well, material choice for labels can dynamically supplement messaging and grab customers:

  • A recent neuromarketing study shows that uncoated, tactile materials more strongly activate a sense of authenticity, price value and being “premium” over coated, flat materials.
  • Embellishment techniques can be combined in the same label to create tactile effects that convey high-end value. Embellishment types include:
    • Embossing and debossing
    • Foil stamping
    • Custom die cuts
    • Varnishes, UV coatings and laminates
    • Custom screen prints
    • Specialty inks

Convenience is also key. Advances with existing packaging formats such as pouches, reusable zippers and easy-to-break-down boxes continue to make premium products stand apart.

Resource Label Group has the expertise and the know-how to make something special out of your products. Click on the link below to read our “Premiumization — Superior Labels for Superior Products” whitepaper and find out how we can differentiate your brand with a forward-thinking approach.

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