Resources » Cost concerns: The financial aspects of shrink sleeve adoption

Cost concerns: The financial aspects of shrink sleeve adoption

Shrink Sleeve Cost Concerns

In the complex world of manufacturing and packaging, every decision impacts the bottom line. Shrink sleeves, with their unique design and application process, naturally bring up questions about cost-effectiveness.

Read “Shrink Sleeves Demystified: A Guide to Enhancing Product Packaging” for an exploration of shrink sleeve cost concerns.

The advantages of shrink sleeves from a financial perspective

It’s true that shrink sleeves might require more material than traditional labels. However, their multifaceted benefits can lead to indirect cost savings. By simulating container colors, brands can minimize pigment expenses. Additionally, the integration of tamper bands into the sleeve design can reduce labor and application time, further driving down costs.

Furthermore, with the rise of digital printing, brands are no longer restricted to large runs for cost-efficiency. Digital printing caters to smaller runs, offering flexibility without compromising on quality. This adaptability makes shrink sleeves a viable option for both large-scale producers and niche brands.

The right label partner can also work with you to effect more cost-savings. Software solutions can be used to scan your products to predict how the film will wrap around the bottle or its parts. Scans can be so precise that they detect minute differences between seemingly identical containers and potential problems so they can be corrected before mass production.

The bottom line — shrink sleeves can offer more benefits to brands and offset cost differences with other label options.

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When considering shrink sleeve cost concerns, it’s essential to look beyond the initial investment and focus on the holistic benefits they offer. Read Resource Label Group’s “Shrink Sleeves Demystified: A Guide to Enhancing Product Packaging” whitepaper to find out why working with a label partner will guarantee a return on your investment in shrink sleeves.

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