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Win the visual battle with embellishments on shrink sleeves

Embellishments on Shrink Sleeves

Shrink sleeves can deliver dazzling and tactile experiences that will grab the attention of consumers and help you compete with an engaging visual brand.

Shrink sleeves are a versatile label solution that offers 360 degrees of embellishment opportunities. Even minor decorative additions to your shrink sleeve can enhance customer engagement and make a major impact.

Find out how thoughtful and creative embellishments for shrink sleeves can help your product win on retail shelves.

Unlocking the decorative potential of shrink sleeves

“A core differentiator for any label manufacturer is world-class shrink sleeve packaging. Demand right now for shrink sleeves is at an all-time high,” says Kody Swaim, Product Manager for Resource Label Group.

Shrink sleeves offer increased real estate and elevated decoration potential. Label and packaging manufacturers can deliver a panorama of embellishments with dynamic images, designs, colors and more.

Even those knowledgeable of shrink sleeve design capabilities don’t always realize all the possibilities of embellishments. Shrink sleeves are also a flexible medium that can adapt to almost any required shape.

Compelling embellishments for shrink sleeves

The wide range of embellishments for shrink sleeves:

Cold foil can give specific areas of the label a metallic sheen in a full range of color tints that draw attention and create a higher-end look.
Varnishes such as satin, matte, soft touch and sandpaper make shrink sleeve labels visually dynamic and interesting to pick up and handle.
Custom high build screen printing can be used to create tactile shapes that add dimension to shrink sleeves.
Combine any of the above techniques to create a one-of-a-kind label.

A perfect example of applying embellishments to shrink sleeves is Chicago-based sports nutrition supplement maker GHOST Energy Drinks. They recently elevated their energy drink containers with highly embellished shrink sleeves, adding tactile elements and enhancing their colors and graphics. This new look has made for a highly recognizable brand.

“Brands should see packaging as an investment rather than as an expense,” continues Kody. “Spending more on shrink sleeves can actually increase the bottom line by improving brand equity.”

Ready to elevate your labels and packaging with highly embellished shrink sleeves? We utilize embellishments to improve product quality, grow your business relationships with retailers and delight consumers on the shelf.

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