Embossed Labels
Give your labels a premium
depth, texture and shine.

Embossed labels

Embossed labels allow you to add custom design, lettering, decoration or pattern effects to your product packaging.

What are embossed labels?

label embossing

Embossed labels are a type of pressure-sensitive label that have had custom dies placed, using high pressure, onto part or all of a label material. The result is an embossed label with depth and texture. Different label materials, such as paper, hybrid film constructions and foil, create different effects. So embossing is a versatile option for creating a standout label.

Getting the right embossed label at the best price

We provide multiple label embossing methods in combination with offset printing, digital printing or flexographic printing. This means whether you have a small order or a large print run, we have the capabilities to provide you the finest embossed labels to help your product stand out from the rest. We help you select the best printing solution for your budget and make it feasible for you to get a great design.

Engineering cost-effective embossed labels

Embossed print and packaging costs are primarily driven by tooling costs and run size. Different looks require different tooling — which can fall at different price points.

Pattern embossing, for example, has much relatively lower tooling cost and can even save money on your overall label order. It’s a cost-saving technique we pioneered that imprints the texture of premium materials such as felt and estate paper on less expensive facestocks with an inexpensive flexible plate — achieving a premium label look without premium materials.

To achieve high-definition sculpted or raised-round embossing effects, though, more expensive rotary or flatbed tooling may be required. Flatbed tooling tends to be more cost-effective at lower run sizes, though the higher initial cost of rotary tooling is justified for larger runs as it can speed up press times.

As with any label embellishment, emboss tooling costs become a less and less significant part of your total label budget as your run size increases. For larger runs, even pricier sculpted embossing becomes a minimal part of the overall cost.

Aligning label embossing with your brand vision and budget

Before deciding the best label embossing method for your labels, we’ll work with you to establish the end effect you’re looking for. From there, we’ll work backward to determine the least expensive way to achieve it.

With a full suite of embossing capabilities, our label engineers will work with you to land on the embossing method that achieves your brand vision as cost-effectively as possible, whether you’re printing 1,000 labels or 50,000.

Applications for embossed print and packaging

Applications for label embossing

Embossed labels give your product a premium elegance and can work in conjunction with a broad range of different label printing techniques. Brands generally use an embossed feel on their logo or on a particular accent element to highlight specific visual elements of the label design.

Embossed labels are often found on:

Embossed labels work with other embellishments

We can add embossed effects to custom foil labels to add even more depth and interest to a golden or silver metallic element. And embossed labels work in combination with four-color process (4CP) flexographic label printing, allowing us to use embossing with any color combination. The design possibilities are nearly limitless. We have the capabilities to bring your vision to life and deliver a label that communicates your brand while differentiating your product.

More than labels

We stand behind every label with personal service. Our in-house label design team can help you create the perfect look for your brand. With our our pre-press services, we ensure that your design — whether created by you, our team or a third-party designer — is properly set up to meet printing standards.

From label concept to order completion, we’re right there with you to advise on design, material, cost and schedule decisions. And we have many other label capabilities. Even if our embossed labels aren’t right for your product, we can still help you create a distinct label that catches your customer’s eye. Request a consultation today, and our team will begin engineering the labels that most cost-effectively achieve your total packaging vision.