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Working with a wine label printing company to differentiate your product


The wine and spirits market is in a period of expansion and intense competition. With brands striving more than ever to carve out a space on store shelves, the standards for quality, custom wine labels have reached a new level. We embrace the challenge.

Navigating the complexities of commercial wine label printing

Our team can deliver charming wine labels that stand out and convey a uniquely premium elegance. We can print potent spirits labels that strengthen your brand. And we’ll supply custom wine labels that are tough enough for the condensation, moisture, humidity and fluctuating temperatures of the wine cooler, the refrigerator or a hot summer day.

Custom wine labeling

Here, we’ll walk you through the process of what to expect when partnering with a wine label manufacturer to engineer and print your labels.

Understanding your brand vision — and engineering the best label to achieve it

There are as many as 1 million wine labels on the global market today. And while your bottle will only be competing with a couple hundred on the grocery store shelf, competition to attract the customer’s attention — and ultimately drive purchasing decisions — is still fierce.

That’s why it’s important to put serious thought into how to differentiate your bottle packaging from other products in your price category. Understanding how the competition presents their labels on the shelf, and how you’d like to make your product stand out while communicating your brand message, is the first step in engineering your label.

Depending on your brand and packaging vision, embellishments and decorations such as spot varnishes, foil stamping or embossing can make sense. Or perhaps you’d like to forego the estate paper label look for the “no-label” look with a film label.

Before engineering the construction of your label, we work with you to get a clear idea of how you’d like your bottle and its packaging to appear on the shelf. From there, we engineer the most cost-effective way to create a label exactly aligned with your total packaging vision, budget and performance requirements.

Considering the environment of your wine or spirit label

Beyond standing out on the shelf, your label needs to be designed to withstand the environment in which it’s shipped, stored and used. A label on a bottle of white wine, for example, might need to be engineered to withstand the cold and moisture of a fridge or ice bucket.

We can guide you through adhesive and facestock options proven to perform in your product’s storage environment, making sure your label maintains its appearance throughout the product lifecycle. Film and paper & film hybrid labels, for instance, perform better in moisture-rich environments than paper labels. And a matte varnish flood coat could be added to an estate paper label for added protection.

Printing TTB-compliant labels

Your wine label designs must be approved by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB). At Resource Label Group, we have the quality control standards and certifications to take your pre-approved label design and print it exactly to spec.

Testing your labels to guarantee performance

To ensure your labels are compatible with your label application equipment and the shape of your bottle, we’ll send you a roll of blanks to test. We’ll also conduct rub and scuff tests — where we simulate heavy usage of the label — to ensure the label will maintain its appearance during shipping and use. This way, you can be sure your final label order will look good on your bottle, on the shelf and in your customers’ fridge.

Our wine and spirit labeling printing capabilities

wine label printing company capabilities

We have label capabilities for nearly any need. We can use a wide variety of materials to create a timeless, vintage feel that distinguishes your wine bottle. Or, we can use foil labels to deliver a wine label that has the look of metal. If you want a metallic sheen, we can create that look and add many other customizations too.

Additional capabilities include:

  • Tactile labels that provide texture and a finish your customers can feel.
  • Digital labels that are a cost-effective means of running short runs at the highest quality with the most visual clarity.
  • Label embossing that allows us to highlight areas of your label and create a sophisticated look for your product.
  • Smart label capabilities — such as NFC and RFID tags — for customer engagement and security applications.
  • Complete design flexibility with total on-press label customization.
  • An extensive library of dies for any size or shape. Or custom dies for a design unique to your product.

No matter how you want your wine and spirits bottles to look, we’ll help you tell a story and build a brand on your bottle. At our Resource Label Group facilities, our experienced team understands the complexities of label design, materials and branding. And through our national reach and locally accessible, start-to-finish service, we can meet the challenges of short lead times and tight budgets.

Request a consultation today, and our experienced team will walk you through the wine label manufacturing process and provide a label that works for you. We can advise you on making your designs meet printing standards, or our design team can custom create that just-right label from scratch.

Spirit labels

Whether you want a bold, minimalist look, a vintage feel or a detailed illustration on your bottle, we can help you design and print a label that builds your brand and fits your budget.

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