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Video: How to improve cost efficiency across label spend

For many brands, label supplier relationships are transactional. It starts with an RFI/RFQ process and ends with a label delivery. And while this type of printing isn’t necessarily bad, there’s a better way, especially for brands seeking to control their overall product label costs. 

In this video, Sales Manager Steve Furner explains how Resource Label Group’s partnership mindset gives brands more value for their budget.

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Common approaches to shrinking label costs include the following options:

Approaching your label procurement with price at the forefront is tempting, but the result can fall short of your long-term goals. That’s why you need a partner.

Not just a label printer, but a service provider

Anyone can print a label. At Resource Label Group, you get more than just a competitive bid. 

Our expert team works with you to understand your long-term goals, finds opportunities to add value and knows how to reduce risk and leverage your label spend to optimize your budget. 

That’s the difference between a printer and a partner.

Find cost-efficient solutions for your labels today.