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Premium labels for premium products

Premium Labels

Consumer preferences have undergone a significant shift in recent years towards premiumization across product categories, from coffees to skincare, and even sauces and other foods. This trend emphasizes the need for superior quality, enticing flavors and, most importantly, attractive packaging.

Can materials, embellishments and design upscale your labels and packaging? Discover why this trend caught on and how Resource Label Group can elevate your products through premium packaging and labeling.

The growing trend of premiumization in labeling and packaging

Premiumization is about bridging the gap between luxury and the mass market. The goal is to emphasize the quality of your product compared to competitors so you can win on the shelf.

This approach to product development can increase your customers’ focus on high-quality craftsmanship and materials to make your product feel exclusive. The way to communicate this premium attitude and value is through the presentation or your products’ labeling and packaging.

“At the heart of premiumization is the understanding of how customers perceive and assign value,” says Jason Martuscello of GreenBook. “Merely tracking awareness and intention measures is not enough to inform actionable business decisions. Instead, focusing on what drives price premiums in a category allows strategic and actionable paths to move the commercial needle.”

Rather than trying to solve a new problem or pain point, premiumization performs the same function as low-cost counterparts but makes the customer think and feel they are getting more value. Recently, winning companies have been focusing on premium products to attract customers while tackling inflation costs — a more palatable strategy to consumers than reducing quantities or packaging sizes, according to recent research and reporting from CNBC.

Resource Label Group can help you make your superior products more appealing and relatable so they stand out on the shelf. Click on the link below to download our “Premiumization — Superior Labels for Superior Products” whitepaper and learn more about how we are ready to partner with you in a journey toward premiumization.

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