Meat labels
Durable materials.
Fresh design. Precise labels.

Meat labels

Few labels see the kind of challenges of meat labels. They must stand up to extreme processing conditions, freezing temperatures and contact with moisture during application and storage. Packages can use odd shapes, demanding a matching label in a custom shape. All meat labels and label adhesives are subject to detailed FDA requirements for indirect food contact. In addition, consumer trends have greatly shaped the industry. Pushes for Certified Organic meat, pasture-raised animals, free-range poultry, grass-fed beef, meat with humanitarian certifications and vegetarian fed chickens impact label design for many brands.

Extensive capabilities for any custom meat label

At Resource Label Group, we can design and print unique labels that fit any meat labeling need, including:

  • Thermal transfer labels
  • Poultry labels
  • USDA beef labels
  • Pork labels
  • Grind labels
  • Corner ribbon labels
  • Labels for various cuts, including: sirloin, ground, T-bone, ribs, thighs and cutlets, among others
  • And much, much more

With robust label printing capabilities, we offer pressure-sensitive labels that serve a range of applications, from in-store display to processing, including:

We offer high-quality, cost-effective thermal transfer labels, perfect for many meat labels. In combination with thermal transfer, we can use durable, all-weather adhesives that perform well in cold freezers and the full range of processing environments.

Combining an extensive variety of die cuts with our custom die-cutting services, we can provide labels in any shape to fit any package. We stock a full range of highly durable materials and specialty adhesives that stand up to processing. Our team is well versed in FDA label compliance and manufactures labels in food-safe facilities operated to the highest standards. With a diverse array of custom label enhancements, from foil labels to embossed labels and more, we can support any label aesthetic to fit your brand.

Service to help you stand out

Our consultative team has the expertise to guide you through the label process. With custom label design services, we can help you highlight the unique quality of your meats, give them a fresh look and differentiate your brand on store shelves to drive sales. And our label printing professionals are here to help you identify the right durable materials for the challenges of your product environment. We’ll provide solutions for your budget, inventory, schedule and other complexities that arise. For guidance in selecting the best label solutions, request a label consultation or call us at any of our locations.

A shorthand guide to the new FDA labeling rules

The FDA passed new labeling rules that will dramatically change labels for every food and beverage producer. In this guide, we give you a quick rundown of the key changes, which take effect in the near future. Learn the new rules