Nutraceutical & vitamin labels
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Nutraceutical & vitamin labels

More than half of Americans use nutraceuticals and vitamins as a cost-effective alternative to medical treatment, resulting in a crowded, competitive market.

Vitamin suppliers need to be more conscious than ever about their product branding. The shelf is already crowded and it’s getting more crowded by the day. And when your label is quite possibly the only touchpoint you’ll have with your customer, not only should you take its design seriously — you can’t afford not to.

The nutraceutical, supplement and vitamin label experts at Resource Label Group will work with you to design a label that communicates everything you need, from eye-catching branding to customer engagement after the sale. Whether you’re a performance protein powder brand, or a homeopathic vitamin brand looking for a simple label, our team can customize a label to meet your budget and branding needs.

Nutraceutical labeling

Using your label to establish loyalty and enhance sales

More and more, customers are seeking out and purchasing from companies they perceive as trustworthy. Customers are loyal to brands that share their beliefs and morals, according to Avery Dennison’s 2018 trends report.

For nutraceutical companies, the label is one of the best ways to interact with your customer and, ultimately, earn their trust. Your company can and should use product labels to tell your brand story, earn customer trust and build loyalty.

From making your product information accessible to using your label to tell your brand story, there are plenty of opportunities to earn the trust of your target audience with quality product labels. When your audience trusts your brand and connects with its message, loyalty follows.

Space-saving solutions for communicating regulatory information without sacrificing branding

The first step in an impactful vitamin label design is ensuring you have enough space to display the non-negotiable regulatory information: What your product is, what ingredients are in it, how much there is and other regulatory information.

Here are a few solutions we provide to create more real estate for regulatory information without sacrificing product branding:

Extended content labels (ECLs) for nutraceuticals

Extended content labels (ECLs)

ECLs come in a wide variety of formats. From simple one-fold pullouts to more complex multi-page accordion booklets, ECLs are ideal for brand and promotional content, and allow you to include a lot of information on even the smallest of containers. To see examples of how nutraceutical brands employ ECLs, check out this article.

Near field communication (NFC) labeling for nutraceuticals

Near field communication (NFC) labels

NFC tags create an interactive brand experience when shoppers hold a compatible smartphone near the label. Share additional product information, your brand story, promotions and more. Labels enhanced with NFC tags also give manufacturers product-level tracking and authentication for quality control and traceability.

Radio frequency identification (RFID) labeling for nutraceuticals

Radio frequency identification (RFID) labels

Similar to NFC tags but with far greater range, RFID tags rely on radio frequencies to transmit product-level information. While NFC tags typically have a read distance of 1-3 inches, RFID labels transmit at distances approaching 40 feet. This allows entire pallets or truckloads of labeled products to be identified and processed simultaneously rather than scanned individually — resulting in cost and time savings.

Shrink sleeve labeling for nutracuticals

Shrink sleeves

Versatile shrink sleeves offer complete product coverage, increased durability, and tamper-evident security. With 360 degrees of branding space, moisture and abrasion resistant sleeves are more than just eye catching. By covering and securing your supplement bottle cap they inspire consumer confidence, assuring them the bottle has not been tampered with.

While compliance ultimately rests with the supplement manufacturer, the vitamin label experts at Resource Label Group will help guide you toward compliance with space-saving label solutions. Backed by the assurance of our ISO 9001 quality control certification, your label designs will be produced accurately and in compliance — every time.

Eye-catching label design for your nutraceutical brand

Nutraceutical label design

Because customers largely judge vitamin products by their packaging, your label needs to be visually appealing, grab a customer’s attention and tell your product’s story. This requires innovation, creativity, and a deep understanding of your customer’s wants and needs.

Depending on your target demographic, you might want a clean, bright white label with a minimalist feel to match the homeopathic nature of your product. Or you might want a color-rich label telling the story of the health benefits your performance product delivers.

Starting with your label material, you’ve got plenty of options. You could choose a metallic stock to catch the light, and the eye, of your target customer. There are product- and moisture-resistant materials designed to maintain their original appearance throughout the product lifecycle. Or you could opt for a clear film to get the upscale “no-label” look popular in the vitamin and supplement industry.

Label design for nutraceutical bottles

Next, consider the size and shape of your label packaging. An extensive array of standard label shapes (squares, rectangles, circles, ovals) is available, though custom shapes are often the choice for brands that prefer a more dynamic and unique label. Elevate any label design with a custom die.

From there, the experts at Resource Label Group work with you to determine the best printing method for your budget and desired look.

Variable data printing allows you to change the content for each label within the same run — perfect for vitamins which can have different flavors or varieties of the same product. And our flexographic printing is a cost-effective way to get labels in bulk with total design customization.

Whether color matching, tamper-evident security or budget is your primary concern, we will customize a printing solution to meet your needs. And with a variety of inks, varnishes and finishes, you can choose to have a glossy, matte or metallic label look.

Packaging solutions for vitamins and supplements

In addition to providing custom prime label design, Resource Label Group offers flexible packaging solutions for your supplement. Using paper, plastic film or foil, flexible packaging encapsulates your product in a fully branded packet. Or, if you require, we can customize a blister pack for your product.

We guide you to just-right vitamin and nutraceutical labels

Wherever you are in the label process, we have the team to advise you on nutraceutical label solutions. From full-service design, material selection and label printing, to logistics, pricing and more, we’re there through every step of the process.

To start designing labels for your nutraceutical, vitamin or supplement product today, request a no-obligation consultation. We’ll guide you toward the right label for your brand, budget and customer.