Scratch-off labels and Game Pieces
Reach new customers
using interactive labels

Scratch-off Labels and Game Pieces

Scratch-off labels and game pieces are utilized in promotional scenarios and are an ideal way of reaching consumers through an interactive process. Often scratch-off labels and game pieces are used in sweepstakes in addition to simple, one-off promotions.

Game and sweepstakes pieces are highly regulated. Only a small number of manufacturers are able to meet the regulations and invest in the technology and personnel to offer game pieces. Some of the steps Resource Label Group takes to offer game pieces are:

  • E & O insurance
  • Extensive security measures
  • In-house games and sweepstakes administrator
  • On-site shredding

Considering sweepstakes pieces are essentially a form of money, it’s clear why only a very small group of label converters are qualified to print and manage game and sweepstakes pieces.

Printing options

Scratch-off labels contain multiple layers of coatings to create a variety of effects on the finished label. These layers contribute to the actual scratch-off materials, colors and content that appear. The range of effects Resource Label Group offers are:

  • Pantone-matched colors
  • Panel configurations
  • Scent technology
  • Printed elements on the scratch-off material
  • Shading
  • Textures

These effects are implemented to create an eye-popping, interactive experience for consumers playing the game. Our team can incorporate additional prints, colors, adhesives and configurations in an effort to make your scratch-off label stand out amongst others. 

How we can help you

Resource Label Group uses a 14-station press to construct detail engaging scratch-off labels. With more stations than many label manufacturers, we can incorporate more elements into each label.

Our team of label experts can help you identify best-value materials and effective options for your unique configuration and identify constructions that still meet the necessary security and aesthetic demands.

If your scratch-off labels are being used as part of a sweepstake piece, Resource Label Group has years of experience with the ins and outs of the sweepstakes market. Our security precautions and compliance procedures will ensure a safe and secure construction.

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