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Cutting label costs by $100,000

Our client is a trusted manufacturer of automotive refrigerant. Many automotive products have extensive regulatory requirements and detailed product-use instructions due to the involvement of hazardous materials. The challenge Printing product labels with detailed, on-package instructions can carry prohibitively high costs. Before working with Resource Label Group, this automotive manufacturer was paying $500,000 a year for the labels they needed. […]... View article »

Your brand’s guide to customizing cosmetic labels

Cosmetic brands live and die by the quality of their labels. Unlike other industries like food and pharmaceuticals, consumers do not need cosmetics. They are merely products of choice. As such, brands look to stand out from the competition — attracting customers with better, cleaner, more striking designs. Vivid colors, consistent color reproduction and eye-catching […]... View article »

6 pharmaceutical packaging trends to look for in 2018

2018 will be a year of change for the pharmaceutical labeling and packaging industry. Up and down the supply chain, the pharmaceutical industry will work hard to achieve traceability per DSCSA standards. Greater consumer demand and a heightened focus of customization at the patient level will force smaller batches and shorter lead times for packagers. […]... View article »

4 health and beauty labeling trends to watch out for in 2018

2018 will be a big year for health and beauty labelers. With emerging label technologies, product manufacturers can capitalize on opportunities to improve security, and even engage customers post-sale. A shift toward greener label materials is an opportunity for brands to help the environment, while attracting environmentally-conscious consumers. And, as always, eye-catching design remains top-of-mind […]... View article »

Four things companies need to know when buying an industrial label applicator

Take control of your production process with an industrial label applicator best suited to meet your needs. With a thorough examination of your manufacturing process and a clear understanding of industrial label applicator capabilities, you can find solutions that will make the labeling side of your operations a smooth and efficient process. Know the ins […]... View article »

Choosing the right label finish infographic

When choosing a finish for your pressure-sensitive label, it’s important to consider design and functionality. Varnishes typically cost less, but have a shorter quality lifespan. They are also versatile enough to mix and match gloss and matte varnishes to customize an individual label. Laminates are more durable and ideal for labels that need a longer […]... View article »

Piece together the ideal coupon label

Coupon labels are beneficial to any retail market. From Instant Redeemable Coupons to coupons for later redemption, coupon labels bring additional branding and marketing opportunities to your product. When done by an expert label company, there isn’t a market that couldn’t benefit from the use of a well-designed coupon label. Coupons have an array of […]... View article »

Evaluating shrink sleeve material options

Choosing the proper shrink sleeve material once you’ve decided on the labeling method is crucial. Proper material selection will ensure your applied sleeve label delivers desired product differentiation, and remains attractive as you’ve designed it to be. Thorough research will help verify that your shrink sleeve material meets cost and performance requirements that may be […]... View article »

Key advantages of shrink sleeve labels for bottles

Shrink sleeves are quickly gaining popularity as an ideal label for many products across multiple industries. As shrink sleeve converting and application technology has become more mainstream, the graphic design versatility, coupled with creative marketing enabled by container shape creates product differentiation that can be leveraged by many consumer goods companies. Whether a food, beverage, […]... View article »

Navigating the bottle label applicator market

Choosing the right bottle label applicator can seriously benefit your bottom line. These machines enable the user to drastically cut the time spent on labeling, allowing for greater production speeds and creating more inventory that’s ready to move right now. Bottle label applicators allow users to insert cylindrical containers—medicine bottles, water bottles, beer bottles, etc.—where […]... View article »