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Outsmarting phone card fraudsters requires innovative label engineering

When Lucky Day ventured into the non-magnetic phone card business in 2004, the dominant technology was simple: just scratch off an opaque latex coating to get the PIN (Personal Identification Number) for long distance phone calls. But from day one, owner Stewart Whipple differentiated his products with interactive peel-and-reveal tabs — exposing both the pin […]... View article »

Securing a sweet outcome on a career-making label project

Hailing from sunny Santa Monica, Dani Blanco has spent her entire career honing her skills in cost negotiations, procurement assistance, inventory control and merchandising management. This expertise is why Taste of Nature, a candy and snack food manufacturer owned by the Chicago-based Candy ASAP, hired her in mid-2021. She reports directly to the owners, who […]... View article »

The role of your label supplier in mitigating costs and ensuring timely deliveries

Supply chain security is always a major concern of business leaders, but it’s gained new attention as the pandemic strains shipping systems. While nobody can prevent the next set of unforeseen circumstances, the right label supplier can help make sure it doesn’t cut off your packaging supply, cause downtime or impact your budget. Work with […]... View article »

Protect yourself against paper liner shortage problems with PET

We’ve all felt the pain of supply chain disruption, even within the label and packaging industry. Unfortunately, paper is the latest casualty in an already tight market. Lead times on paper are ballooning. This is partly due to constraints on global mills and an ongoing strike at a major supplier. And these events impact a […]... View article »

Amid the beer industry’s “candemic,” the best solution might just be your label provider

Too much beer seems like good news, but the brewing industry is suffering due to the “candemic” — a global shortage of beer cans and, increasingly, beer bottles. The source? Turmoil in the supply chain. Whether you’re a mobile canner or a craft brewer in a pinch, you might be overlooking an unlikely ally: your […]... View article »

The secret to this best-selling supplement label? A second chance

Beyond Yourself owner Sean Kent keeps the bottom line top of mind. That’s why he stopped doing business with A1 Label in early 2015. Although the Toronto-based press produced flawless labels for Sean’s growing supplement brand, inconsistent invoice cycles often left his young business strapped with cash-flow problems. “We didn’t leave because of the labels […]... View article »

10 ways to give your products a more professional look

After you’ve scaled your business enough to upgrade from making your labels at home, it’s also time for a professional packaging makeover — from your container to your label. But figuring out how to design packaging is no small undertaking. Start by considering the following factors: Audience development — Who is the ideal audience for […]... View article »

SITE AUDIT: Facility visits without the visit

Just as we test drive cars before buying, many businesses want peace of mind from site visits before signing contracts with label suppliers. With SITE AUDIT™, prospective Resource Label Group customers can use video conferencing to explore our facilities remotely. This means minimal disruption to your business operations while checking off necessary plant visits and […]... View article »

DIRECT TRACK: Label ordering made fast and simple

Track orders, compile communications and get labels faster with one online portal You can order a pizza online and track it all the way from the prep table to your doorstep. Why not product labels, too? Traditional label ordering often involves phone and email exchanges that delay processing. With DIRECT TRACK™, customers receive their labels […]... View article »

Introducing VIRTUAL CHECK: A time-saving answer for old-fashioned press checks

Our biggest takeaway from 2020? Flexibility matters. Press checks have long been a rigid sticking point in the label engineering process. And yet it’s a crucial quality control step for business owners. After all, this is the last chance to scrutinize label details such as ingredients lists and embellishments like foil and embossing. They’re especially […]... View article »

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