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Taking an indoor label outside — with an international partner

Posted on August 4th, 2016

One of our frequent clients is a producer of popular lawn and garden products, including pesticides. With placement in many retail stores nationwide, their pesticides — like many other products — face a range of fluctuating requirements from distribution partners. Our client needed an updated label when some of their prominent retailers, including Wal-Mart and K-Mart, decided to move their products from indoor shelves to outdoor displays during spring and summer.

The challenge

As with similar lawn and garden products, our client’s pesticides are subject to rigorous regulatory requirements. Their product labels must include lengthy warning information and product-use guidelines — content that must always remain legible. To convey legally required information and preserve label space for branding, their products came with an attached paper booklet. When retailers moved the products from controlled store environments to the outdoors, our client’s labels suddenly had to stand up to the elements — rain, damaging UV rays, wild temperature variations and more. The whole label, particularly the booklet, required weatherproofing.

Finding a solution and delivering results

To ensure our client’s labels looked good and performed well, our team created a synthetic booklet label to replace the paper booklet. But the trick was finding the right materials. After conducting a thorough search, our team found a solution that would not only stand up to the elements but also minimize costs and preserve the well-recognized label design. We sourced materials from a partner, allowing us to use the exact booklet label construction found on our client’s pesticide products. They were able to meet retailer requirements without compromising their branding or budget.

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